There are many reasons that Value Learning Tuition is so popular, here are just a few…

Teaching methods
Research has shown that we all learn in different ways and with particular preferences. Once your child is booked on a course, he/she will be asked to complete a learning style questionnaire as a guide to enhance their learning experience. We place a high value on your child’s learning and utilize a mix of innovative teaching strategies to make difficult concepts easier and enhance the learning experience. This could include web-based programmes, brain teasers and experiential learning.

Individual Learning plan (ILP)
We believe every child is unique and as part of meeting their needs, we support their learning styles by providing ILPs to ensure each learner is working to their maximum potential.

In small groups, we help each pupil:

• Build confidence
• Reinforce learning
• Tackle areas of weakness
• Achieve learning goals

Our students enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Learning Centre and friendly interaction with our tutors.

At Value Learning the extra tuition provided is designed to complement the school curriculum throughout the year. However, developing confidence, knowledge and study skills is a long- term process. The longer a pupil has to prepare and really get to master their subject, the more confidence and understanding they will have developed. Progress is monitored through weekly homework and at their own pace. Regular tests are held during the course and parents are kept informed with student achievement through regular feedback.

Our aim is to support the less able, challenge the “Gifted and Talented” and other abilities in between from
Year 4 to A’ Levels. At Value Learning, we believe every learner has the potential to achieve well.

CRB Checked Tutors
All our tutors are CRB checked and they use their experience to craft an individualized approach to each student’s learning process. Improvements soon follow as concepts are explained, revised and practiced.