Pre 11 plus  YEAR 4– Foundation Classes

Give your child a head start with time on your side. Success in 11 plus exams depends on your child having a wide range of vocabulary, logical reasoning and sound maths skills. This course aims to help Year 4 pupils work towards improving their core numeracy and literacy skills with added emphasis on developing their thinking/reasoning abilities prior to starting the 11+ course in Year 5.  This will provide a stronger base to work from and boost their confidence for the 11 plus preparation.

Practising Logic Skills - Pre 11 Plus Preparation

Learning in a nurturing environment, they gain an understanding of the standard expected of them and are encouraged to improve their skills leading up to our year 5 11+ course and, of course, the exam itself.

The 11+ Foundation course challenges children differently and really sharpens their core skills as well as introduces them to verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

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