Pupils may need extra help with literacy, numeracy because they have not fully grasped the content of the curriculum and therefore lack a sound foundation. Value Learning tuition ensures each pupil has a solid foundation by first “filling in the gaps” and providing a “platform” on which to build on. We also take pride in stretching the more academically able pupils.

GCSE Success at Value Learning After School Tuition

11+ Success at Value Learning After School Tuition

The personalised programmes of study, which complements the National Curriculum, are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. Progress is at the students’ own pace so they are not overwhelmed. We emphasise the positive aspects of learning to every student. As a parent you know your child better than anyone else. Things just aren’t going right at school. Perhaps you’ve spoken to the teachers and they have tried to put your mind at rest. However, you feel your son or daughter isn’t doing well enough or working to his or her full potential, and you know they could do much better with some tuition.

We offer a no-obligation assessment and consultation for you and your child. Alternatively, it might be 11+ preparation or support for the child struggling to cope with GCSE in Maths  that is needed. Whatever stage your child is at, we can help. A careful balance of both achievable and challenging learning activities makes sure that your child experiences steady progress, which in turn builds confidence and concentration as well as independence, leading towards a love of learning. We believe every child can achieve. Contact us now on 0118 9311186 .