11+ Courses to help your child do better

We offer a range of 11+ courses which will help your child gain confidence.

11 Plus Exam Success

11 Plus Exam Success

Each course is tailored to suit the 11 plus exam in your area so you can be sure your child is well prepared. Course content includes explanation of techniques for each question type, time management as well as exam hints so that children will know how to tackle questions correctly. Children will be given homework every week to practice the techniques taught in class.

We monitor your child’s progress with regular testing and tailor our support to meet his or her individual needs. Towards the end of the course, we conduct mock tests under exam conditions. Our tutors are on hand to answer your queries and give advice regarding your child’s performance and the examination process through regular feedback.

What is Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal Reasoning questions are about words. They aim to test the candidate’s verbal skills and vocabulary. Some of the questions could include:

  • Synonyms (words similar in meaning) and Antonyms (opposite in meaning)
  • Identifying patterns between words
  • choosing the ‘odd one out’ and codes

What is Non Verbal Reasoning?

These questions are designed to assess the candidate’s raw intellectual ability, independent of their language skills. Similar to IQ tests, these papers require children to reason with pictures, diagrams and unfamiliar designs. Some of the questions could include identifying:

  • Isomorphic Relationships
  • Analogic Relationships
  • Sequencing
  • Matrices