Value Learning 11 plus Mock Test  –  FAQ

Arrival time: 9.30 am and registration

Venue: Earley Resource Centre, Warbler Drive, Earley, Reading RG6 4HB

Contact number on the day of the Mock Test: 07534 683605

What time are the sessions?

09.45 –  Paper A

10.35 – Break for 10 minutes

10.45 – Paper B

11.40 – End of test

What is the time allowed for each paper?

The time limit for each paper is 45- 50 minutes. However, they are  split into sections and timed per section.

What must my child bring to the mock test session?

Please ensure your child arrives with a small bottle of water (if desired), at least 2 HB pencils and a good rubber/eraser for the multiple choice answer sheets. This should be carried into the exam room in a clear plastic pencil case / bag . It is important that your child has a good night’s sleep the previous day.

There would be a short break in between sessions and your child could bring a snack and drink.

May I settle my child in the exam room?

Registration will take place outside the foyer. You will not be allowed to accompany your child into the exam room itself.

What time must we arrive?

All students must be in the exam room by the start time of each session. Therefore, please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the session to ensure your child is ready to start at beginning of the session. It is important to allow time for a quick visit to the toilet just before the session.

 Can I wait at the Test Centre while my child sits the test?

There is unfortunately no facility within the venue for all parents to wait, however there is the ASDA supermarket few minutes drive away from the centre. We ask that parents should come back at the end of the tests to collect their child promptly.

Can I see my child between sessions?

There is a 10 minute break between sessions during which your child will have a chance to leave the exam room, take a quick toilet break and enjoy a drink or snack (please provide). Parents do not need to return during the breaks.

Terms and conditions:

Value Learning CANNOT guarantee that the results your child achieves on the mock test papers will reflect the result they achieve in their real 11 plus exam. The aim of the mock test is to give your child the opportunity to sit Value Learning 11plus papers under exam conditions. We do not take responsibility of omission or inclusion of any question types in the papers.

 Results will be presented in percentage and a median score for the sitting for each paper will be included for peer comparison.  It will also highlight specific areas of weaknesses for each pupil which could be improved before the real 11 plus exam. Please note we DO NOT return the marked papers and they are NOT available for sale. Also once the mock test is booked, there are no refunds unless the sitting is cancelled by Value Learning and we will hereby not be responsible for any loss incurred as a result of any cancellation.